Cyborg Cop (1993) IMDb

Cyborg Cop

01:35:00 | Action | IMDb rating: 3.8

Keywords: Action Hero, Blood, Blood Spatter, Bone Saw, Brawl, Brother Brother Relationship, Car Chase, Caribbean, Cult Favorite, Cyborg, Dea Agent, Decapitation, Disembodied Head, Drug Runner, Ex Agent, Explosion, Fight, Fighting, First Of Series, First Of Trilogy, First Part, Fist Fight, Gunfight, Hand To Hand Combat, Helicopter, Hero, Human Experiment, Independent Film, Journalist, Laboratory, Machine Gun, Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Morgue, One Against Many, One Man Army, Pistol, Severed Arm, Shootout, Showdown, Throat Slitting, Tough Guy, Violence, Warrior.


Ex DEA agent Jack receives an emergency message from his brother Phillip, whose team was ambushed on the Caribbean island of St. Keith. Jack goes to St. Keith to find his brother, who has been turned into a cyborg by the drug runner he was after.

Director(s): Sam Firstenberg,

Writer(s): Glenn A. Bruce, Greg Latter.
Producer(s): Avi Lerner. Danny Lerner. Joanna Plafsky.


Studio: Nu Image Films.

Origin: USA

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