Time Runner (1993) IMDb

Time Runner

01:30:00 | Action, Thriller | IMDb rating: 3.9

Keywords: 1990s, 2020s, Alien, Alien Invasion, Cult Favorite, Extraterrestrial, Independent Film, Scientist, Spaceship, Time Travel, Time Warp.


Finding itself invaded by a superior alien force in the year 2022, humanity's last hope lies with fighter pilot Michael Raynor who is hurled through a time warp back to the year 1992. Relentlessly hounded by a ruthless agent belonging to a super-secret government organization, Raynor learns he can affect the future and, with the help of scientist Karen McDonald, attempts to alert authorities to the upcoming alien threat.

Director(s): Michael Mazo,

Writer(s): John A. Curtis, Chris Hyde, Greg Derochie, Ian Bray, Michael Mazo, Ron Tarrant.
Producer(s): John A. Curtis. John A. Curtis. Lloyd A. Simandl. Lloyd A. Simandl. John Proust. N. John Smith. A. William Smyth. James R. Westwell.


Studio: Excalibur Pictures, Excalibur Pictures.

Origin: Canada

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