Freaked (1993) IMDb


01:26:00 | Comedy | IMDb rating: 5.6

Keywords: Beautiful Woman, Cyclops, Decapitation, Disembodied Head, Flatulence, Freak, Independent Film, Knife Fight, Mutant, Redneck, Reverse Footage, Sideshow, Skeleton, Stop Motion, Switchblade, Wheelchair, Wrestling.


A company that produces a toxic chemical tries to improve its image via a popular spokesperson, Ricky Coogan. Ricky travels to South America to get a first-hand look at the chemical's effects and finds himself at a mutant freak farm. Elijah, who runs the farm, is only too happy to have new subjects on which to try his freak machine. The very chemical that Ricky is supposed to promote is the one responsible for creating the great variety of freaks.

Director(s): Tom Stern, Alex Winter,

Writer(s): Tim Burns, Tom Stern, Alex Winter.
Producer(s): Stephen Chiodo. Harry J. Ufland. Mary Jane Ufland. Alex Winter.


Studio: Tommy.

Origin: USA

Budget: 11,000,000 $

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