Philadelphia Experiment II (1993) IMDb

Philadelphia Experiment II

01:37:00 | Action, Adventure | IMDb rating: 4.5

Keywords: 1940s, Alternative History, City Name In Title, Experiment, Explosion, German, Gunfire, Independent Film, Number In Title, Numbered Sequel, Place Name In Title, Second Part, Sequel, Slow Motion Scene, Time Travel, World War Two.


David Herdeg's participation in a failed 1943 experiment in radar invisibility has propelled him 40 years into the future. An aberration in his genetic makeup enabled him to pass through the portal of time. It has also made him sensitive to any alteration to the time continuum. Another disasterous experiment in 1993 sends a stealth aircraft through the time portal, into 1943 Germany. Simultaneously, Herdeg is pulled into the portal, and finds himself in the terrifying 1993 that resulted from a Nazi victory in World War II.

Director(s): Stephen Cornwell,

Writer(s): Don Jakoby, Wallace C. Bennett, Kim Steven Ketelsen, Kevin Rock, Kevin Rock, Nick Paine.
Producer(s): Mark Amin. Douglas Curtis. Paul Hellerman. Andrew Hersh. Mark Levinson.


Studio: Trimark Pictures.

Origin: USA

Budget: 5,000,000 $

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