Carnosaur (1993) IMDb


01:23:00 | Horror | IMDb rating: 3.3

Keywords: B Movie, Based On Novel, Credits Rolling Down, Cult Favorite, Death, Desert, Dinosaur, First Of Series, First Of Trilogy, First Part, Gore, Grindhouse, Independent Film, One Word Title, Psychotronic, Scientist, Shot To Death, Vegetarian, Virus.


A brilliant geneticist, Diane Ladd, plans to expose a lethal virus to every human being on the planet. Her objective: to destroy humankind in favour of her new strain of prehistoric dinosaurs. Two people stand in the way of her diabolical plan, a cynical night watchman and a lovely idealistic environmentalist. The two must overcome their differences long enough to uncover the scientist's scheme and fight her carnivorous creations in a desperate battle against the extinction of the human race.

Director(s): Adam Simon, Darren Moloney,

Writer(s): Adam Simon, John Brosnan, John Brosnan.
Producer(s): Roger Corman. Mike Elliott.


Studio: New Horizon Picture Corp.

Origin: USA

Budget: 1,000,000 $

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