Prehysteria! (1993) IMDb


01:24:00 | Adventure, Comedy, Family | IMDb rating: 3.2

Keywords: Animal, Dinosaur, Egg, Family Relationships, Farmer, First Of Series, Independent Film, Magic, Single Parent, Surrealism, Teenager.


Rico, a sleazy museum curator, steals a tribe's sacred dinosaur eggs in the rain forest. Frank is an archeologist and single parent, and eeks out a living by selling fossils from his farm to the museum. In a mixup, his kids bring home the eggs and hatch the miniature dinosaurs. Frank is falling in love with Vicki, who works for Rico, and finds his life complicated when the dinosaurs begin trashing his house, and Rico attempts to regain his treasure.

Director(s): Charles Band, Albert Band,

Writer(s): Mark Goldstein, Greg Suddeth, Pete von Sholly.
Producer(s): Charles Band. Debra Dion. Keith S. Payson. Pete von Sholly.


Studio: Full Moon Entertainment, Moonbeam Entertainment, Full Moon Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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