The Rift (1990) IMDb

01:19:00 | Action, Adventure, Horror | IMDb rating: 3.8

Keywords: Biological Experiment, Giant Monster, Giant Starfish, Lizard Monster, Multiple Monsters, Mutation, Underwater.


An experimental submarine, the "Siren II", with a very experienced crew is sent to find out what happened to the "Siren I", misteriously dissapeared in a submarine rift. Things go awry when they begin to find things that shouldn't be there...

Director(s): Juan Piquer Simón,

Writer(s): Juan Piquer Simón, Mark Klein, David Coleman.
Producer(s): Francesca DeLaurentiis. José Antonio Escrivá. Juan Piquer Simón.


Studio: Dister Group.

Origin: Spain

Budget: 1,300,000 $

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