Uvod u drugi zivot (1992) IMDb

01:40:00 | Drama | IMDb rating: 6.9

Keywords: Alcohol, Authoritarianism, Brief Nudity, Broken Lamp, Deja Vu, Figurine, Flashback, Forest, Frustration, Gun, Handstand, Heat, Letter, Loft Apartment, Madness, Monologue, Religion, Scar, Self Examination, Shooting, Shot In The Head, Surrealism, Telephone.


A writer with a writer's block is tormented by his lack of inspiration. His girlfriend Savic shows up and talks to him about his writing and her father. After she leaves, her father, an ex officer of the military and ex communist party member, rings the doorbell. After a tense introduction, the father starts to retell his life in order to try to explain why he did things that his daughter hates him for. It is not clear if writer's girlfriend and her father are part of writer's fiction, memories or reality.

Director(s): Milos 'Misa' Radivojevic,

Writer(s): Mirko Kovac, Mirko Kovac.
Producer(s): Zoran Milatovic.


Studio: Avala Film, Avala Film.

Origin: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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