Zerkalo dlya geroya (1992) IMDb

02:19:00 | Fantasy | IMDb rating: 7.2

Keywords: Adultery, Alternative Reality, Arrest, Based On Book, Communism, Deja Vu, Father Son Relationship, Gunshot, Husband Wife Relationship, Male Frontal Nudity, Mining Town, Movie Production, Movie Set, Multiple Outcomes, Repeated Event, Robbery, Time Loop, Time Travel, Trapped, War Hero.


Two not quite similar men, our contemporaries, Sergey Pshenichny and Andrew Nemchinov, are walking in the street in their native miners town and found themselvesin 1949...  See full synopsis »

Director(s): Vladimir Khotinenko,

Writer(s): Nadezhda Kozhushanaya, S. Rybas.


Studio: Sverdlovskaya Kinostudiya.

Origin: Soviet Union

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