Jiu er shen diao zhi: Chi xin qing chang jian (1992) IMDb

Jiu er shen diao zhi: Chi xin qing chang jian

01:32:00 | Comedy, Fantasy | IMDb rating: 4.9

Keywords: Sequel.


Andy was a guy in a nameless place, presumable future. He knew anyone who got the ice on a mountain would get the money from the king. He and his friends (his master and a kid) went to the hotel before the mountain. The hotel was linked with the mountain while they delivered the peolple that showed up there. That's why they never get out of the hotel. The owner of the hotel ( a woman) loved Andy. The king of mountain loves Andy. Andy got the ice. He found a woman in there which happens to be his dream lover since his childhood. She got a breath which can cure any disease. The king wants it and Andy died in a battle. The girl gave him the breath. Later Andy found out and he fought the king. The battle leads to the fate of the couple.

Director(s): David Lai, Corey Yuen,

Producer(s): Shan Tam.



Origin: Hong Kong

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