Invader (1992) IMDb

01:35:00 | | IMDb rating: 3.6

Keywords: Alien, Brainwashing, Independent Film, Men In Black, Military Base, Reverse Engineering, Tabloid Reporter, UFO, UFO Crash.


A crashed UFO and its reverse-engineered computer system take over the minds of soldiers at an air force base. The alien entity (in the guise of A.S.M.O.D.S., (Asmodeus), a strategic flight defense systems program for fighter jets) is discovered by tabloid reporter Frank McCall and D.O.D. Captain Harry Anders. They escape the base in a stolen F-19 and are taken to the Pentagon, where their story is met with understandable scepticism. An attempt by Asmodeus' minions to capture Frank & Harry for brainwashing convinces General Anheiser of their sincerity, and they return to the base and eventually face Asmodeus and its army of brainwashed soldiers.

Director(s): Philip J. Cook,

Writer(s): Philip J. Cook.
Producer(s): Menahem Golan. Ami Artzi. Philip J. Cook. John R. Ellis. Matthew Herath. Zaneta McGaha. William F. Reed.


Studio: Eagle Films.

Origin: USA

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