Forever Young (1992) IMDb

Forever Young

01:42:00 | Adventure, Comedy, Romance | IMDb rating: 6.0

Keywords: 1930s, 1990s, Accident, Air Show, Aviation, B 24, Best Friend, Boy, Car Accident, Child Flying An Airplane, Coma, Cryogenics, Cryonics, Cult Favorite, Flash Forward, Freezing, Future Shock, Hibernation, Hit By Truck, Lost, Lost Love, Love, Male Female Relationship, Medical Profession, Medical Treatment, Military Secret, Nurse, Pilot, Rapid Aging, Red Tape, Single Mother, Test Pilot, Title Based On Song, Truck Accident, Water Heater, Wound.


A 1939 test pilot asks his best friend to use him as a guinea pig for a cryogenics experiment. Daniel McCormick wants to be frozen for a year so that he doesn't have to watch his love lying in a coma. The next thing Daniel knows is that he's been awoken in 1992.

Director(s): Steve Miner,

Writer(s): J.J. Abrams.
Producer(s): Edward S. Feldman. J.J. Abrams. Bruce Davey. Mel Gibson.


Studio: Icon Entertainment International, Icon Entertainment International.

Origin: USA

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