Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992) IMDb

Memoirs of an Invisible Man

01:39:00 | Comedy, Romance | IMDb rating: 5.8

Keywords: Accident, Based On Book, Based On Novel, Beautiful Woman, Box Office Flop, CIA, Fugitive, Helicopter, Hunted, Infra Red, Invisibility, Invisible Man, Lasersight, Male Female Relationship, San Francisco California, Stock Broker.


Nick Halloway is accidentally made invisible during an accident. When Jenkins finds out about Nick, he set out to recruit him into the world of espionage, seeing the potential for an invisible CIA agent. When Alice Monroe falls in love with Nick, they are forced to flee the attentions of Jenkins. Nick also has the problem of living invisibly whilst trying to find a cure.

Director(s): John Carpenter,

Writer(s): H.F. Saint, Robert Collector, Dana Olsen, William Goldman.
Producer(s): Bruce Bodner. Dan Kolsrud. Arnon Milchan.


Studio: Alcor Films, Canal+, Cornelius Productions, Regency Enterprises, Alcor Films.

Origin: USA

Budget: 40,000,000 $

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