Freejack (1992) IMDb


01:50:00 | Action, Thriller | IMDb rating: 5.1

Keywords: 1990s, 2000s, Accident, Automobile Racing, Back From The Dead, Based On Novel, Betrayal, Billionaire, Body Snatching, Bounty Hunter, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Chase, Cyberpunk, Cynicism, Death, Deception, Dystopia, Executive, Exploding Boat, Exploding Car, Explosion, Face Slap, Fish Out Of Water, Future, Gun, Gun Violence, Hit In The Crotch, Independent Film, Industrialist, Investigation, Love, Lovers Reunited, Murder, New York City, Nightclub, Nun, Older Woman Younger Man Relationship, On The Run, One Word Title, Paranoia, Personality, Possession, Post Apocalypse, Protection, Restaurant, Singer Acting, Social Commentary, Telephone Booth, Time Travel, Title Spoken By Character, Violence.


Auto racer Alex Furlong is snatched by time travel, a split second before a fatal explosion, by Vasendak's 21st-century team of techies, who plan to sell his healthy body to an ailing rich man at McCandless Corporation, for a mind transfer. He escapes, but has no rights in this nightmare future of violence and sleaze. The story concerns his survival, and his attempt to revive his relationship with his fiancée Julie, now 15 years older and an executive at McCandless.

Director(s): Geoff Murphy,

Writer(s): Ronald Shusett, Ronald Shusett, Robert Sheckley, Steven Pressfield, Steven Pressfield, Dan Gilroy.
Producer(s): Ronald Shusett. Joe Alves. Gary Barber. David Nicksay. Stuart Oken. Anthony Ridio. James G. Robinson. Linda Shusett.


Studio: Morgan Creek Productions.

Origin: USA

Budget: 30,000,000 $

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