Timescape (1992) IMDb


01:39:00 | Mystery | IMDb rating: 6.5

Keywords: Based On Novel, Carillon, Disaster, Father Daughter Relationship, Future, Motel, Race Against Time, Small Town, Time Travel, Tourist.


Before they can complete renovations on their new inn, Widower (Ben Wilson) and daughter (Hillary) are visited by a woman seeking immediate lodging for her strange group of travellers. Why they won't stay at the hotel in town is just the first of many mysteries surrounding the group that lead Wilson to a startling discovery affecting his family and neighbours.

Director(s): David Twohy,

Writer(s): Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore, David Twohy.
Producer(s): Paul White. Jamie Grossman. Thomas A. Irvine. John A. O'Connor. Jill Sattinger. Robert E. Warner.


Studio: Channel Communications, Drury Lane Holdings, Channel Communications.

Origin: USA

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