Mom and Dad Save the World (1992) IMDb

Mom and Dad Save the World

01:28:00 | Comedy, Family | IMDb rating: 4.7

Keywords: Alien Planet, Beautiful Woman, Idiot, Kidnapping, Laser, Wedding, Wilhelm Scream.


Emperor Spengo sees Marge Nelson and using a giant magnet, kidnaps her and her husband Dick, hoping to make her his before blowing up the Earth. He and other inhabitants of his planet are somewhat less than bright, and Dick begins reliving episodes of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers in order to rescue Marge, save the Earth, and restore the rightful emperor to the throne.

Director(s): Greg Beeman,

Writer(s): Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon.
Producer(s): Daryl Kass. J. Max Kirishima. Michael Phillips. Mike Erwin.


Studio: Cinema Plus, Douglas, Home Box Office (HBO), Cinema Plus.

Origin: USA

Budget: 14,000,000 $

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