Liquid Dreams (1991) IMDb

Liquid Dreams

01:32:00 | Thriller | IMDb rating: 4.7

Keywords: Apartment Complex, B Movie, Brutality, Claustrophobia, Dance Club, Dancer, Dancing, Death, Death Of Sister, Detective, Dystopia, Exotic Dancer, Future, Henchman, Independent Film, Investigation, Kansas, Los Angeles California, Low Budget Film, Major, Male Female Relationship, Multiple Murders, Murder, Murder Of Sister, Police, Policeman, Psychotronic, Sadism, Sadist, Sex, Sister Sister Relationship, Strip Club, Stripper, Stripping, Taxi, Taxi Driver, Urban Setting, Violence.


In a slightly future America, a woman goes to the big city to visit with her sister, who is dead in her apartment. In order to find out what happened to her sister, she gets a job working at a dance club, a lower notch in the strip joint circuit. Some of her colleagues begin showing up dead as she uncovers a sinister hierarchy in the strip club management that is harnessing the sexual activity for their own twisted ends.

Director(s): Mark S. Manos,

Writer(s): Zack Davis, Mark S. Manos.
Producer(s): Zack Davis. Cassian Elwes. Diane Firestone. Ted Fox. Zane W. Levitt.


Studio: Zeta Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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