Steel and Lace (1991) IMDb

01:30:00 | Action, Horror | IMDb rating: 5.0

Keywords: Android, B Movie, Beautiful Woman, Breasts, Brother, Capture, Courtroom, Courtroom Sketch Artist, Cult Favorite, Cyborg, Detective, Emasculation, Female Nudity, Forensic Evidence, Friendship, Hidden Identity, Hostage, Independent Film, Inventor, Killer Robot, Man Grows Breasts, Motel, Murder, Person On Fire, Piano, Rape, Rape And Revenge, Rescue, Revenge, Robot, Scientist, Severed Head, Sex, Suicide, Suspicion, Technology, Voyeur, Woman On Top.


Daniel Emerson is acquited of the rape of classical pianist Gaily Morton, and part of the blame for the acquittal lies with the testimony of Daniel's friends Norman, Oscar, Toby, and Craig, who all helped Daniel rape Gaily. Still devastated by the rape and unable to deal with the acquittal, Gaily commits suicide by jumping off of the top of the court building as soon as the trial ends, much to the horror of her brother Albert, who is a scientist. Five years later, Daniel has made Norman, Oscar, Toby, and Craig partners in his business, which forces homeowners and their homes out of the way to make way for bigger developments. By this time, after five years of working with Gaily's body, Albert has turned Gaily into a cyborg that is programmed to get bloody revenge on Daniel, Norman, Oscar, Toby, and Craig.

Director(s): Ernest D. Farino,

Writer(s): Joseph Dougherty, Dave Edison.
Producer(s): John Schouweiler. Charles W. Fries. David DeCoteau. Joseph Dougherty. Thomas A. Keith.


Studio: Cinema Home Video.

Origin: USA

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