Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) IMDb

Highlander II: The Quickening

01:31:00 | Action, Fantasy | IMDb rating: 3.7

Keywords: 1990s, 2020s, Action Hero, Amazing Grace Hymn, Anti Hero, Assassin, Back From The Dead, Bar, Battle, Battlefield, Beautiful Blonde, Beautiful Woman, Beheaded, Beheading, Blood, Blood Spatter, Box Office Flop, Combat, Critically Bashed, Crotch Grab, Cult Favorite, Dark Comedy, Dark Hero, Decapitation, Desert, Disarming Someone, Dystopia, Exploding Car, Falling To Death, Fencing, Fictional War, Flashback, Future, Future War, General, Good Versus Evil, Gore, Groin Crushed, Gunfight, Hand To Hand Combat, Head Butt, Head Cut Off, Hero, Highlander, Immortal, Immortality, Independent Film, Katana, Katana Sword, Kendo, Kiss, Laser Gun, Limousine, Long Sword, Machine Gun, Martial Arts, Megacorporation, Mentor, Mixed Martial Arts, Near Future, New York City, Number In Title, Opera House, Outer Space, Ozone Layer, Planet, Prologue, Punctuation In Title, Regeneration, Resistance, Roman Numeral In Title, Samurai Sword, Scot, Second Part, Self Healing, Sequel, Sequel To Cult Favorite, Shootout, Shot With A Laser Gun, Showdown, Snake, Solar Flare, Subway, Supernatural Power, Swashbuckler, Sword, Sword And Fantasy, Sword Duel, Sword Fight, Terrorism, Terrorist, Tough Guy, Train, Training, Troubled Production, Violence, Warrior, World Domination.


The second "Highlander" movie, again with Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery. It's the year 2024 and all the ozone above Earth has gone. To protect people from dying, MacLeod helped in the construction of a giant "shield", several years ago. But, since there isn't left anyone Immortal after MacLeod's victory in the previous film, he has stopped being an Immortal himself. Now he is just an old man, until one day some other Immortals arrive on our planet. You see, the Immortals come from another planet...

Director(s): Russell Mulcahy,

Writer(s): Gregory Widen, Brian Clemens, William N. Panzer, Peter Bellwood.
Producer(s): Donald P. Borchers. Chris Chrisafis. Robin S. Clark. Guy Collins. Jack Cummins. Peter S. Davis. Jean-Luc Defait. Ziad El Khoury. Stephen Kaye. William N. Panzer. Mari Provenzano. Alejandro Sessa. Mario Sotela.


Studio: Lamb Bear Entertainment.

Origin: France

Budget: 30,000,000 $

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