Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps (1999) IMDb

Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps

00:00:00 | | IMDb rating: 3.8

Keywords: Actor Playing Multiple Roles, Adulterous Wife, Adultery, Bare Breasts, Beautiful Woman, Blonde, Blow Job, Breast Suckling, Breasts, Brothel, Cheating Wife, Cleavage, Coitus, Copulation, Doggystyle Sex, Dysfunctional Marriage, Erotica, Extramarital Affair, Fellatio, Female Female Kiss, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Full Frontal Nudity, Female Masturbation, Female Nudity, Female Prisoner, Female Pubic Hair, Female Rear Nudity, Female Removes Her Clothes, Female Removes Her Dress, Females Talking About Sex, Fondling, Hand Under Skirt, Having Sex With Skirt Hiked Up, Infidelity, Leg Spreading, Lesbian Kiss, Lesbian Sex, Lesbianism, Lingerie, Lust, Masturbation, Mini Dress, Multiple Lovers, Nipples Visible Through Clothing, No Panties, Nude, Nude Girl, Nudity, Oral Sex, Panties, Peeping Tom, Promiscuity, Promiscuous Past, Promiscuous Woman, Prostitute, Prostitution, Pubic Hair, Scantily Clad Female, Sex, Sex In A Covered Wagon, Sex In A Teepee, Sex In Bed, Sexual Attraction, Sexual Desire, Sexual Fantasy, Sexual Pleasure, Sexual Promiscuity, Spying On Couple Having Sex, Tan Lines, Three Way Sex, Threesome, Topless Female Nudity, Trophy Wife, Unfaithful Wife, Unfaithfulness, Unhappy Marriage, Upskirt, Voluptuous, Voyeur, Voyeurism, White Panties.


While visiting an historic western town, two beautiful women stumble upon a device that transports them over a century back in time to the Old West. When the girls are mistaken for brothel babes, they get a hankerin' for some real cowboy action! But their erotic recreation with the local cowpokes soon ruffles a few feathers in town- and when the deputy winds up dead, the posse's hot on their tails for some answers! They must go back to their own time, before they're punished for the crime.

Director(s): Dan Golden,

Writer(s): Louise Dunkirk.
Producer(s): Charles Band. Pat Siciliano.


Studio: Surrender Cinema, Surrender Cinema.

Origin: USA

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