Judgment Day (1999) IMDb

Judgment Day

01:35:00 | Action, Thriller | IMDb rating: 4.7

Keywords: Asteroid, Cell Phone, Convicted Felon, Desert Eagle, FBI, Hostage, Kidnapping, Los Angeles California, Megalomaniac, Meteor Threatens Earth, Militia, Secret Headquarters, South Central Los Angeles, Surprise Ending, Terrorism, Violence.


Cultists with an enigmatic leader (Mario Van Peebles) seize the only man capable of devising a way to stop a giant meteor from hitting the Earth. Agents (Suzy Amis, Ice-T) are then sent to his rescue...

Director(s): John Terlesky,

Writer(s): William Carson.
Producer(s): Paul Hertzberg. Lisa M. Hansen. Phaedra Harris. Ice-T. Tommy 'Tiny' Lister. J.P. Pettinato. Hans C. Ritter. Gary Rubin. Mario Van Peebles.


Studio: Cinetel Films, Cinetel Films.

Origin: USA

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