Final Approach (1991) IMDb

Final Approach

01:40:00 | Thriller | IMDb rating: 4.9

Keywords: Airplane Crash, Amnesia, Aviation, Car Crash, Dialogue Driven, Epileptic Seizure, Independent Film, Internal Monologue, Jet, Psychiatry.


Col. Jason Halsey (USAF) has just had a terrible air disaster and can't remember a thing -- even his name. Now he must go head-to-head with the psychiatrist Dr. Gottlieb as his only chance to recover his memory. Col. Halsey is a stealth fighter test pilot in the highly classified project Black Magic. Is Dr. Gottlieb a helping professional or is he a counter-intelligence agent sent to debrief Halsey? This movie draws considerable footage from the Lockheed Corp. documentary "Blackbird: The Movie" for its background material on the SR-71 spy plane.

Director(s): Eric Steven Stahl,

Writer(s): Eric Steven Stahl, Gerald Laurence.
Producer(s): Eric Steven Stahl. Michael Waeghe.


Studio: Filmquest Pictures, Filmquest Pictures.

Origin: USA

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