SubZero (1998) IMDb


01:10:00 | Action, Animation, Crime | IMDb rating: 7.1

Keywords: Action Hero, Action Heroine, Based On Comic, Based On Comic Book, Beautiful Woman, Black Comedy, Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship, Brawl, Buddy, Butler, Cape, Cartoon Violence, Chase, Crushed To Death, Cryogenics, Cult Cartoon, Cult Favorite, Dark Hero, DC Comics, Desperation, Disarming Someone, Doctor, Explosion, Fictional City, Fist Fight, Flying, Foot Chase, Frozen Body, Gadget, Gadget Car, Gangster, Gotham, Gun, Hand To Hand Combat, Hero, Heroine, Husband Wife Relationship, Ice, Judo, Judo Throw, Jujitsu, Justice, Keysi Fighting Method, Kidnapping, Kiss, Love Interest, Male Female Relationship, Martial Arts, Mask, Masked Hero, Masked Superhero, Mild Violence, Oil Platform, Oil Rig, One Word Title, Organ Removal, Organ Theft, Pistol, Poetic Justice, Polar Bear, Race Against Time, Redhead, Revolver, Robbery, Sequel, Shooting, Sidekick, Submarine, Super Villain, Superhero, Superheroine, Terminal Illness, Thief, Tough Girl, Tough Guy, Tragic Villain, Two Man Army, U Boat, Vigilante, Vigilante Justice, Vigilantism, Violence.


Mr. Freeze is living in the arctic with his cryogenically-frozen wife. When a submarine destroys her containment capsule, he has to find someone to "donate" a new heart for her. His search turns up one donor with the right blood type: Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon. Her kidnapping sends Batman and Robin on a hurried chase to free her in time.

Director(s): Boyd Kirkland,

Writer(s): Bob Kane, Boyd Kirkland, Randy Rogel.
Producer(s): Benjamin Melniker. Michael E. Uslan. Haven Alexander. Boyd Kirkland. Randy Rogel.


Studio: Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Animation.

Origin: USA

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