Inju daikessen (1997) IMDb

00:44:00 | Animation, Short | IMDb rating: 5.1

Keywords: Alien Rape, Anime, Army, Babe Scientist, Female Hero, Giant Monster, Group Sex, Hardcore, Hentai, Japan, Multiple Murders, Sex, Tentacle Rape, Threesome.


In this adult anime from Japan, a meteorite strikes Earth, and mayhem begins. Women are found murdered all over Japan, and the evidence points to aliens killing and depositing sperm in the victims. When the government tries to step in, they only make things worse, but suddenly an enormous Venus arrives with what may possibly be a solution...

Director(s): Kotaro Ran,

Producer(s): Saburo Omiya.


Studio: PinkPineapple - KSS Media Entertainment K.K..

Origin: Japan

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