Full Metal gokudô (1997) IMDb

Full Metal gokudô

01:42:00 | Comedy, Crime | IMDb rating: 6.0

Keywords: Assault, Attack, Beating, Betrayal, Black Humor, Blood, Breasts, Bully, Cowardice, Crime Gang, Cyborg, Dark Humor, Death, Experiment, Fear, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Nudity, Fight, Fighting, Gang Rape, Girlfriend, Humiliation, Humor, Katana, Mad Doctor, Male Frontal Nudity, Male Nudity, Menace, Metal, Mob Boss, Murder, Mutilation, Nipples, Penis, Rape, Rejection, Revenge, Scientist, Severed Arm, Sex, Sexual Humiliation, Shooting, Shot To Death, Sword, Sword Fight, Tattoo, Transplant, Trap, Vengeance, Violence, Yakuza.


Kensuke Hagane (Tsuyoshi Ujiki) is a beginner in the Yakuza world , he is very fearful and nobody respect him. After the prison release of Tosa (Takeshi Caesar), who is a Yakuza boss and the idol of Hagane, both are killed as a result of a gang problem with Tosa. Both corpses ends in the hands of mad scientific who creates a kind of robot with parts of both corpses. Now Hagane is part machine with some parts of Tosa, he is bullet proof and has an incredible strength. When he escapes from the scientific, he is looking out for revenge with the heart of his boss and idol, literally.

Director(s): Takashi Miike,

Writer(s): Itaru Era, Hiroki Yamaguchi.
Producer(s): Fujio Matsushima.


Studio: Excellent Film, Excellent Film.

Origin: Japan

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