Akiko (1996) IMDb

01:00:00 | Adult, Animation, Mystery | IMDb rating: 6.3

Keywords: Adult Animation, Adult Anime, Android, Anime, Aphrodisiac, Attempted Rape, Attraction, Bare Breasts, Bra, Breast Massage, Character Name In Title, Corrupt, Corruption, Criminal Investigation, Cyborg, Dark Heroine, Dark Secret, Dead Man, Death, Decadence, Degradation, Depravity, Desire, Doctor, Drug, Drugs, Energy, Erection, Evil, Evil Doctor, Evil Scientist, Fellatio, Female Agent, Female Doctor, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Hero, Female Masturbation, Female Nudity, Female Rear Nudity, Female Scientist, Female Teacher, Fondling, Girl Heroine, Hardcore, Hentai, Heroine, High School, High School Student, High School Teacher, Investigation, Leg Spreading, Lesbian, Lesbian Kiss, Lesbian Rape, Lesbian Sex, Lesbian Threesome, Lesbianism, Licking, Lust, Male Frontal Nudity, Male Nudity, Mysterious Events, Nipples, Nudity, Nymphomania, Nymphomaniac, Old Man, Oral Sex, Panties, Penis, Perversion, Pervert, Rape, Rape Victim, Rooftop, Schoolgirl, Scientist, Sex, Sex Addict, Sex Addiction, Sex With The Dead, Sexual Assault, Sexual Attraction, Sexual Desire, Sexual Experiment, Sexual Obsession, Sexual Perversion, Swimming Pool, Teenage Boy, Teenage Girl, Teenager Nudity, Underwear, Uniform, Vagina, Vice, Vulva.


Young men and women are supposed to be interested in the opposite sex. They're supposed to be interested in sex, period. But the students at the prestigious Nobel Academy have been exhibiting unusually strong urges lately. When one of the female scholars spends her entire summer vacation masturbating in her room, her father calls on the Central Genetic Research Institute for help. Special Agent Akiko is assigned to investigate forthwith, and goes "undercover" to discover exactly what possesses the student body...

Director(s): Kaoru Toyooka,

Writer(s): Shimon Kazari.


Studio: PinkPineapple - KSS Media Entertainment K.K..

Origin: Japan

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