Alien Force (1996) IMDb

Alien Force

01:25:00 | | IMDb rating: 4.4

Keywords: Alien Impostor, Alien Invasion, Alien Love, Alien Technology, Egg, FBI Agent, Fish Out Of Water, Gang Rape Attempt, Hotel Clerk, Hotel Room, Identity Swap, Independent Film, Martial Arts, Meteorite, Military Base, Stolen Car.


A meteor containing the souls of billions of alien predators crashes on Earth. The alien ruler who encased the evil souls in the meteor sends his top warrior to Earth to find the meteor before his evil rival finds it and uses it to destroy Earth.

Director(s): Ron Ford,

Writer(s): Ron Ford.
Producer(s): Ron Ford. Albert Gordon. Mark J. Gordon. Paula Pointer-Ford.


Studio: Wildcat Entertainment.

Origin: USA

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