Rôjin Z (1991) IMDb

Rôjin Z

01:20:00 | Action, Animation, Comedy | IMDb rating: 6.9

Keywords: Anime, Artificial Intelligence, Helicopter, Japan, Satire, Surprise Ending, Surrealism, Tokyo Japan.


An old man is being treated specially by the Department of Health under the so-called Project Z, a special nursing bed with a 6th generation computer on board. When the pain and loneliness of the old man reaches his ex-private nurse, she decides to rescue him from the government's experiment. Thus begins a wild chase through the busy streets of Tokyo as the 6th generation computer begins to have the personality of the old man's ex-wife and as the government's secret project unfolds.

Director(s): Hiroyuki Kitakubo,

Writer(s): Katsuhiro Ohtomo.
Producer(s): Laurence Guinness. Yasuku Kazama. Yoshiaki Motoya. Kazufumi Nomura. Yasuhito Nomura.


Studio: Movic, Sony Music Entertainment, Movic.

Origin: Japan

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