Advancer Tina (1996) IMDb

00:45:00 | Adult, Animation | IMDb rating: 6.1

Keywords: 32th Century, Alien, Alien Attack, Alien Creature, Alien Planet, Anime, Attempted Rape, Bare Breasts, Blood, Blood Spatter, Brutality, Character Name In Title, Creature, Crime Gang, Cruelty, Danger, Dangerous Mission, Death, Deep Space, Disguise, Evil, Explorer, Extraterrestrial, Extraterrestrial Being, Fear, Female Agent, Female Explorer, Female Frontal Nudity, Female Hero, Female Masturbation, Female Nudity, Female Prisoner, Female Rear Nudity, Female Warrior, Fighting, Genital Monster, Gore, Graphic Rape, Hardcore, Hentai, Heroine, Labia, Macabre, Mercilessness, Mission, Monster, Monster Rape, Nipples, Nudity, Nun, Nun Raped, Outer Space, Panic, Panties, Penetration, Planet, Prison, Pubic Hair, Rape, Raped By Monster, Scream, Screaming, Sex, Sex Monster, Sexual Assault, Sexual Cruelty, Sexual Predator, Sexual Violence, Shooting, Shot To Death, Shower, Shower Room, Space Monster, Spaceship, Splatter, Surrealism, Tentacle, Tentacle Rape, Underwear, Vagina, Violence, Vulva, Weapon.


It is the year 3113. Thirty centuries have passed since the Earth was consumed by toxic pollutants, forcing mankind to flee into the galaxy in search of life-sustaining habitats. Enter Advancers - brave explorers who risk their life exploring new uncharted worlds for humans to live on. To unite these new worlds, a new interplanetary government was formed, with all new planets and space colonies falling under it's jurisdiction: The Allied Earth Government, the Domestic Union of Arms (DUA). When the DUA sends out Advancers to explore a mysterious planet called Omega 13, one by one, Advancers pay the price with their lives-never to return from their mission. Mugal, a top DUA officer proposes the job to an unlikely candidate: Tina Owens, a renegade Advancer serving a 2,000 year sentence for blowing up an entire planet. The mission is simple: locate habitable land on Omega 13, If Tina doesn't accept the job...

Director(s): Kan Fukumoto,

Writer(s): Wataru Amano.
Producer(s): Yudai Amachi. Masanori Kobayashi. Osamu Koshinaka. Taro Miyabi. Tatsuo Watanabe.


Studio: Beam Entertainment, Dandelion, Beam Entertainment.

Origin: Japan

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