Boku no chikyû on mamotte (1996) IMDb

Boku no chikyû on mamotte

03:05:00 | Animation, Drama, Fantasy | IMDb rating: 7.8

Keywords: 1990s, Alien, Anime, Based On Comic, Based On Manga, Eternal Love, Extrasensory Perception, Gay, Gay Kiss, Japan, Japanese, Kyoto Japan, Literature, Love, Metamorphosis, Moon, Night, Reincarnation, Surrealism, Teen, Telekinesis, Tokyo Japan, Tragic Love, Transform, Vengeance, Youth.


High school student Alice Sakaguchi has been having consistent but strange dreams: she dreams she is an extraterrestrial being living on the moon and monitoring the Earth. These dreams are too strange - and too real - for her to ignore them, and her curiosity deepens when she learns other people are having similar "moon" dreams, including her neighbor Rin Kobayashi and her two classmates Jinpachi and Issei. Soon the four friends meet three other students with moon dreams like them, and the group of seven start to fix together the events and from within their dreams. They uncover a startling truth: the dreams are actually memories of past lives - all seven had been a community of alien scientists who were stationed on the moon to observe and study the Earth. But they discover that the community came to a mysterious and tragic end... and the group faces a disturbing idea: could the deeds...

Director(s): Kazuo Yamazaki, Sarah-Anne Dafoe,

Producer(s): Mitsuhisa Ishikawa. Michiru Ishikawa. Yuko Sakurai.


Studio: Ocean Group, Production I.G., Ocean Group.

Origin: Japan

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