Spider-Man: Sins of the Fathers (1996) IMDb

01:17:00 | Action, Animation | IMDb rating: 6.9

Keywords: Based On Comic Book, Blind Lawyer, Blind Superhero, Blindness, Character Name In Title, Costume, Crime Fighter, Dual Identity, Edited From TV Series, False Accusation, Fugitive, Lawyer, Marvel Comics, Organized Crime, Radioactive Powers, Secret Identity, Spider-Man, Super Power, Super Villain, Superhero, Superheroine, Treason.


When Peter Parker is given a plum job with a research complex with the help of Wilson Fisk, it seems to be a dream come true. However, that dream soon turns into a nightmare when he is accused of treason. Even when he assigned a top lawyer in the name of Matt Murdock, his situation seems hopeless. Regardless, Parker is determined to clear his name and his fight is joined by Murdock who secretly helps him as the blind superhero, Daredevil. Together, this pair must face the long odds as they battle the true traitors who set Parker up.

Director(s): Bob Richardson,

Writer(s): Stan Lee, Steve Ditko.
Producer(s): John Cawley. John Semper. Matthew Edelman. Bob Richardson.


Studio: Marvel Enterprises, Marvel Enterprises.

Origin: USA

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