All science-fiction films released between 1990 and 1999

Most of you already know the great titles of this decade : Terminator II, Jurassic Park, The Fifth Element... and you've probably seen them all. But do you remember movies like The Lawnmower Man, Class of 1999 and names like Albert Pyun or Charles Band ? You see, you're far to have watched every Sci-Fi movie from this time. In this era, the WWW was still in its infancy, and the work of collecting and indexing the data was to be done after. Looking back, only the movies who contributed the most to the genre were remembered, but is this has to mean that the rest was to be forgotten? Who declared that you shouldn't have more fun watching Street Fighter than Men in Black?

SciFi'90s db aims not to be a replacement of global database like IMDb or AllMovie, but rather an extension meant to discover or re-discover gems that we may have overlooked, or bad movies that still have merits. By focusing on a precise segment that's not overwhelming in terms of data, we can have a precised, detailed snapshot of the industry, and not just mainstream movies. Here, films are treated with the same degree of respect, the criteria of choice doesn't include popularity, budget or gross, but people, subgenres, themes and plots that are found in the movies.

Why the 90s?